J.G. Salas and Sons, Inc.

  Electrical Contractors and Engineers  

J.G. Salas

    J.G SALAS AND SONS, INC. is a family-owned professional electrical construction firm incorporated in the state of New Jersey. The firm is dedicated to providing electrical construction services for the transmission and distribution of electrical energy.

    The firm's activities are vested on its employees, who have many years of experience in the industry.

    The key employees of J.G. SALAS AND SONS are engineers and technicians whose competence has been gained through years of multi-disciplinary experience.

    J.G. SALAS' background includes more than 52 years of continuous service to industry and government.

    Our customers depend on J.G. SALAS for the highest degree of personal and professional commitment to every assignment. Our reputation is based on a long-standing record of professional responsibility, dependability and integrity.




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